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皮蛋,也称为松花蛋,外国人也称之为[直译] 千年蛋、百年蛋等等。



就此,清朝名医王士雄在其名作《随息居饮食谱》便提到 “皮蛋,味辛、涩敢、咸,能泻热、醒酒、去大肠火,治泻痢,能散能敛”。

Century egg, a traditional Chinese delicacy, is also commonly known as pidan, preserved egg, thousand-year egg or hundred-year egg.

Blossom century egg is lead free and preservative free, consisting almost zero lead compound - much lower than 2 mg/kg, the maximum permitted proportion of lead stated in the Food Act 1983 (Act 281). It is coated with a thin wax layer to prevent moisture loss, preserve its freshness and quality.

Lead-free century egg is safe to be consumed and in fact good for health, when consume in moderation.

Alkaline food, such as century egg, not only improves our digestion, but also enhances body immune system.

Wong Shi Xiong, a renowned Chinese doctor from Qing dynasty recorded his observation in his book.

"Century egg has an exceptionally strong taste. It helps to reduce heat from the body, release hangover and diarrhea".


其前身是成立于1988年的华顺食品有限公司。华顺食品研发梅花牌无铅皮蛋,以让食家在重视健康之时, 也能安心地品尝这美味的中华美食。


从在家经营的小本生意发展至有规模的制作厂, 华顺食品在2017年正式更名为华成食品工业有限公司。


Being one of the leading lead-free chicken century egg manufacturers in Malaysia, Wahsoon MT Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Hwason Food Technology.) takes pride in its quality production and innovation. Its Blossom Brand lead-free century eggs are available at restaurants, hypermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Founded in 1988, Hwason Food Technology introduced its signature Blossom Brand lead-free chicken century egg, to target the niche market for healthy food products.

Its innovation in using wax coating to ensure the freshness of century egg has also become a common practice in the local century eggs industry.

Hwason Food Techology has then expanded from a home-based business to a manufacture plant. It is renamed to Wahsoon MT Sdn. Bhd. in early 2017.

In the future, Wahsoon MT Sdn. Bhd. will continue to uphold its unparalleled quality control standard as well as establishing new product range.

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How to reach us

Address :

image name 11, Jalan Bulan U5/167 (formerly U5/4),
Bandar Pinggiran Subang,
40150, Shah Alam,
Selangor D.E., MALAYSIA.
PH: +603-7845-2717, FAX: +603-7847-2177

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How to cut Century Egg

[DayDayCook]入廚101 - 如何切皮蛋 How to cut Century Egg

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All Right Reserved © 2016 Wahsoon MT Sdn Bhd

FAQ / 皮蛋小常识

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      What is the best way to cut the century eggs?
      1. You may wipe a knife with edible oil to cut the century egg.
      2. Alternatively, get a 30cm-thread or 30cm-fishing-line to cut the egg.
      3. Place the egg vertically top down (the roundest part at the bottom) on the wedge egg slicer.

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      How to crack the shell without breaking the soft century egg?

      Gently knock the shell with a spoon or against kitchen counter surface until the shell cracks, before peeling it off.

      用汤匙轻敲蛋壳周围或把皮蛋轻敲在厨房橱柜表面。然后, 用手指把破裂的蛋壳轻轻剥开就行了。
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      What are the pale white patterns likened to pine branches or snowflakes on the century egg surface? Is the egg still edible?

      During the making of century egg, protein is broken down into amino acid. Hence, where the surrounding environment is cool and dry, the white crystallised patterns will be formed gradually on the egg surface. And yes, it is safe to consume.

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      Is the century egg edible when partial of egg turns yellow?

      When a major portion of the egg particularly egg yolk turns yellow, it means the egg has been exposed to air. A strange smell emanates. It really depends on personal taste buds, as some have special liking on this kind of century egg.

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      Is the century egg edible when the egg white turns fluid?

      The century egg is inedible when the egg white turns fluid. [Image of century egg with fluid egg white]

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      What is the layer coating around the century egg shell?

      The purpose of this thin wax layer coating is to maintain the freshness of century egg. Peeling the century egg is now less messy, more convenient and hygienic.

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      How to store the century eggs?

      Store the century eggs in a cool, dry place. Need not keep in refrigerator.

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      Once opened, how long can I keep the century egg?

      It is advised to consume the century egg once opened. It will gradually turn yellowish and thus affect the taste once exposed to air.

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      When is the expiry date of century egg?

      The expiry date can be found on the individual package of century egg. As far as the century egg is kept in a cool, dry place and the egg shell is well intact, it can be stored up to a year. The pale white crystallised patterns will be formed on the century egg surface as it ages.


All Right Reserved © 2016 Wahsoon MT Sdn Bhd

All Right Reserved © 2016 Wahsoon MT Sdn Bhd.